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Need: 1) Pregnant Leach Solution clarification
2) De-Tellurium Polishing Filters

Type: The Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Description: Filters are equipped with back wash arrangement and spray nozzles are provided to dislodge the cake to facilitate the automatic slurry / cake discharge. Air header is provided to drain dislodged cake from filter leaves and accumulated at the bottom of shell through drain.

Clamping assembly is provided to clamp all leaves as one bundle. Filters are equipped with one outlet manifold pipe for positioning leaves on 100 mm centers. The manifold is mounted together at rear end of filter. Filters are completely mounted on a channel steel frame.

Material of Construction: a) All parts SS 316 L
b) All Product contact parts SS 316 L
Other parts including structure Is 2062.

Locking arrangement : i) Manual Eye- Bolts
ii) Auto wedge Locking with Hydraulic Power pack.

Leaf Construction: SS 316 L tubular channel, Nozzles & forks
Total element will be PP Cloth Enveloped supported by PP Chains.

Filtration Area Available:
i) Filtrations Flow Rate Minimum 103M to 3003M
ii) Filter Area Normal 102M to 3002M
iii) Filter Area Pleated 32M to 1002M

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