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Drum dryer consist of rotary cylindrical drum with machined smooth surface.
One end of drum shaft is connected to gear box, which is driven by Electric Motor.
The drum rotates at slow speed.  The speed of drum is varied with the help of variable speed drive.
Other end of drum shaft has provision for suitable leak proof rotary joint for steam inlet & condensate outlet

A layer of product to be dried adheres to the outside of rotating and internally heated drum.
As drum rotates, the product gets solidified as water/solvent gets evaporated by heat.

After the almost completion of drum rotation, the dried product gets scrapped off the drum surface in the form of flakes, or powder depending on nature of dried product.

The scrapper assembly is provided manual / pneumatic adjustment for movement of scrapper blade assembly.  
The dry product is collected via chute and with the help of conveyor is sent for filling.

The feed mechanism varies as per properties and nature of feed slurry, normally following types of feed mechanism are provided:

  1. Overhead applicator Roll.
  2. Double drum nip Feed
  3. Bottom dip feed roll.
  4. Dip feed single drum

  5. If required entire drum is completely enclosed with hood and proper exhaust system for vapour removal.

    Material of construction varies as per process requirement. MOC available are as follows:

    1. Rotary Drum :- B.Q., IS 2062 , SS 304,SS 316, SS 316 L
    2. Contact parts: - B.Q, IS 2062,  SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L
    3. Support structure: - MS.Hard Chrome Plating if required

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