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  • DRUM FLAKER are used to convert molten products into solid in to  continuous

            operation. Molten liquid adheres on outer surface of rotating drum through feed
             tray / applicator Roller. Drum is internally cooled by spraying chilled water.
            The product solidifies and after completion of rotation of drum scrapped off the
            drum surface to form flakes.

  • Flaker drum is internally cooled by water / chilled water through spray nozzles

  • To avoid leakage of water PTFE rope or Mechanical Seal is provided for rotary joint.

  • To avoid solidification of feed melt tray is jacketed for heating by steam, thermic fluid, hot water.

  • Cooling drums are available in choice of material according to chemical properties of product & choice of end user.

  • Material of construction: Carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L (Optionally chrome plated)

  • Customized Drum Sizes available: 0.5 Sq.Mtr to 25 Sq.Mtr.

  • Types of Feed Mechanisms

      1. Dip Feed
      2. Applicator Roll
      3. Side Feed
      4. Nip Feed

  • Rotary Joint : Rope Seal / Mechanical Seal
  • Scrapper Blade arrangement: Manual / Pneumatic
  • Scrapper Blade MOC: : Hylam, Phosphor Bronze, Magnesium Bronze, Teflon, Brass

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