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Filter leafs are heart of filtration equipments & performance of filtration depends upon quality of Filter elements.

Backed by years of experience we are able to manufacture filter leaf that are widely used in different industries.  
We offer best rescreening / repairing service for your used or damage pressure leafs for any size any make. FILTER LEAFS


1) 5 PLY Revitted / Bolted
2) 3 Ply Revitted / Bolted with central Rigidrain / Grid Apparture Option: Poly propylene filter cloth Bag / enveloped.

Rescreening / Reforming:

    1. Remove the Spoil Fine Filter Cloth.
    2. Clean the internal mesh with detergents.
    3. Replace with new Filter Wire Mesh from both side.
    4. If internal supporting mesh is damaged, it will be replaced.
    5. Assembly, Fabrication, Welding, Drilling & New Riveting (Machine)
    6. Welded parts are Acid pickled & Passivated.
    7. In- house inspection of Reformed Leaves for Quality
    8. Required Packing for Transportation.
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