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a) Mother Liquor loss in cake is reduced to great extent.

b) Due to closed operation of filters, Housekeeping is improved and plant looks clean.

c) Automatic discharge of cake reduces manpower.

d) No effluent generated as you get dry discharge of the cake.

e) There are no moving parts so operation cost subsequently comes down and ultimately no down time so productivity is enhanced.


• Pressure Leaf Filter consists of vertical pressure vessel with filter elements mounted vertically on common outlet manifold through which filtrate flows out.

• Leafs are clamped with shaft on top which further extended to mount pneumatic vibrator, which is used for cake discharge.

• Butterfly valve is sandwiched between conical bottom and discharge hopper which is operated  Pneumatic Cylinder with Electric Actuator for easy discharge of cake.

• For opening & closing Top Lid flange & body flange are bolted by wheel bolts. For easy movement of Lid while removal of leafs for occasional cleaning, Devit arm with mechanical / Hydraulic jack is provided.

• Material of Construction:

• Body Housing: - IS 2062, SA 516 Gr. -60/70, SS 304, 316, 316 L or as required.

• Filter Leaves:  Filter leaves are made up of 5 Ply SS wire mesh of different gauge wires.

i) 2 Ply Single Plain Dutch Weave Filter Mesh

ii) 2 Ply Supporting Mesh

iii) 1 Drain Mesh

5 Ply wire mesh are together bound by a tubular frame and are made leak proof by machine riveting or bolting depending on the requirement.

• ‘O’ Rings, Gaskets: Silicon, Neoprene, Viton & EPDM.

• The quality of filtration and leaf life depends on quality of outer fine mesh and riveting.


Pressure Leaf filters are used in liquid – solid separation maximum upto 5 % solid.

Most cases 0.5% - 1% bleaching earth & activated Carbon are mixed with oils to be filtered. If required, the filter media is pre coated with filter Aid to improve the filtrability.

The liquid is pumped in to the filter, the layer of this particles is formed on surface of leafs and after few minutes of circulation clear outlet is observed. As filtration proceeds solid gets deposited on leaf surface and the differential pressure  increases.

The pressure of 3-3.5 kg/ck2 is maintained inside the filters to hold the cake with filter leaves . Once the filtration is completed, the feed pump is stopped and steam / air / N2 (As process demands) is applied from top of filter without dropping filter pressure and held up material of filter starts filtering.  As filter is emptied you can observe drying media flows from outlet. Then hold up from bottom cone is drained and cake is dried by drying media Once cake is dried, Bottom outlet butterfly valve is opened. Dried cake is dislodged by operating Pneumatic Vibrator. Whole operation for cake drying and discharge is completed with in 35 -45 minuets.

To discharge the wet and undropped filter cakes, sluice headers with water spray nozzles are provided on top of leafs.


Vertical Pressure Leaf filters are mainly used for following applications:

Filtration Areas.

1. Edible Oil –(To filter Crude Oil, Bleached Oil and Nickel Catalyst from hydrogenated oil)

2. Liquid Glucose, High Molecule Corn Syrup

3. Fine Chemicals, plasticizers and Oleo chemicals.

4. Organic & Inorganic Salts, Amines, Resins, Bulk Drugs.

5. Water, Brine.

Capacity PLF - 1.0 - 120 M2

If  process or client demands, we have ability to manufacture PLF with larger capacity.

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